Table of Contents (Volume 08, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Culture Shock and Transculturalism in John Foss's and James Cathcart's Barbary Captivity Narrratives
Bouteldja Riche and Sabrina Zerar

The Brain Wave Analysis for Robot Movement Using One Electrode
Fouziah Md Yassin, Norasyimah Sahat, Chin Su Na and Afishah Alias

Decomposition Rate of Rice Straw Enrichment with Azolla Pinnata to Enhance the Quality of Compost
Mieke Rochimi Setiawati, Maya Damayani, Diyan Herdiyantoro, Pujawati Suryatmana and Faris Nur Fauzi Athallah

The Biofertilzer's Effect on Phytoremediation Performance by Using Boehmeria Nivea L. Gaud on Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil
Pujawati Suryatmana, Muchamad Fauzi, Mieke Rochimi Setiawati and Bety Natali Fitriatin

Isolation and Characterization of Azotobacter SP and Pseudomonas SP Strains from the Maize Rhizosphere
Emma Trinurani Sofyan, Dirga Sapta Sara, Betty Natalie Fitriatin, Oviyanti Mulyani, Yuliati Machfud and Maya Damayani

Performance Evaluation of Pond Ash-Brick Kiln Dust Stabilized Silty Clay Mixtures
Gaurav Gupta, Hemant Sood and Pardeep Kumar Gupta

The Effects of Delivery Methods of Biocontrol Agents and Their Combination with Synthetic Fertilizers on Potato Growth and Diseases
Noor Istifadah, Nurul Fatiyah, Toto Sunarto, Luciana Djaya, Betty Natalie Fitriatin and Heni Krestini

Musculoskeletal Injuris in Musical Arts Professional:Prevalence and Determinants
Rosa Martins, Ana Isabel Andrade, Conceição Martins, Carlos Albuquerque and Teresa Sales

Effect of Combined Application of Biofertilizer and Organic Ameliorant on Soil Nutrient Content and Yield of Rice
Betty Natalie Fitriatin, Emma Trinurani Sofyan, Anny Yuniarti and Tien Turmuktini

Integration of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Systems
Eljona Proko, Dezdemona Gjylapi and Alketa Hyso

Evaluation of Stadiums in Urban Areas for Photovoltaic Potential: A Case Study
Bülent Oral and Ezgi Arslan Tuncar

Laguerre Polynomials and Their Relation with Atomic Orbitals
Niyazi Yükçü

An Analysis on the Adoption of Cloud Computing in Small to Midsized Enterprises (SMES) in Australia
Shakir Karim, Ergun Gide and Raj Sandu

Assessing Thermal Comfort in Relation to Building Designs: Case Study of Naturally Ventilated Studio Classrooms in a Warm and Humid Uli, Nigeria
Charles Munonye and Oluchi Ifebi

Application of Nanotechnology to Synthesis Silver Using Lemon Leaves
Charles Munonye and Oluchi Ifebi

The Fundamental Advanced Fluid Transport Machinery in Nigeria
Nnamani Titus Offordi