Table of Contents (Volume 03, Number 05) (Download in PDF )

Models of Perceiving The National Identity of Young People in Vojvodina (r.serbia)
Mirca Maran , Tanja Nedimovic and Eudjen Cinc

Unemployment Among Digital Media Graduates From Colleges of Applied Sciences in The Sultanate of Oman
Hajar Hammdan Khalfan Alsaidi

Gezi park experience and LGBT Organizations in Social Opposition in Turkey
Çağlar Özbek and Gaye Gökalp Yılmaz

Of The Contrastively Gendered Presentation of Monsters In Algerian-Kabyle Folklore
Sabrina Zerar and Bouteldja Riche

Fisheries Regime in the Exclusive Economic Zone
Dorina Patuzi

Mother-Tongue Education Policy: Effects on Children Achievement in Reading Skills
Adebiyi Mope Edith and Opoola B. T.

The Effect of Symbolic and Instrumental Attributes On Perceptions of Applicants: A Comparative Analysis
Ismail Duran and Ali Nadi Ünal

The Environmental Cost of Aviation
Massiel Hernandez Victoria, Emilio Díaz Molerés and Ramón-Osvaldo González

The Effects of Digital Distribution and Internet Piracy on Modern Society
Charles Adams

The Geopark Potential of Turkey
Muharrem Aydın and Yalçın Güngör

Structural Equation Model of Retail Microfinance Lending Support of Entrepreneurs in Phuket Province, Thailand
Naphatrada Thampradit and Wanno Fongsuwan

The Development of Structural Equation Modeling Relationships of Factors that Affect the Behavior of Buying Antioxidant Bottled Beverages in Bangkok
Niphon Bundechanan, Wanno Fongsuwan and Niphon Bundechanan

Génération Automatique Des Hypothèses De Restitution Numérique De Patrimoine Bâti
Houda Lichiheb and Mounir Dhouib

Brazilian Press and Foreign Policy Towards China During luis inácio lula da silva’s Government
Magno Klein Silva

Guidance Counselors’ and Practitioners’Characteristics, Skills, Strategies and Emotional Profile: Basis for a Training Program
Remedios Castillo Neroza

Now, Voyager:Whitman’s Poem the Untold Want, Prouty’s Novel Now, Voyager, Rapper’s Film Now, Voyager , and Now
Larry D. Griffin

Landscape Design as An Option to Achieve Effective Tourism Development in Nigeria
Dorcas A. Ayeni

Subversion of Gothic Romance in Charlotte Bronte’S Jane Eyre and Villette
Burcu Tercan

Exploration of Maugham’s Gender Discrimination in his Short Stories: A Case Study of the Escape and The Luncheon
Ruichao Sun

Conflict in Selected Poems by Sherko Bekas
Ibrahim Ali Murad

The Influence of Packaging Elements on Adolescents’ Food Purchasing Decision
Arzu Şener, Nuri Doğan and BaharKinaci

The Speech Act Analysis of The Iraqi Parliament Candidates' Speeches in General Election in 2014
Jalal Sa'adullha Hassan

Ticket to the Agony of Genuine Pain: The Heroics of Graduate Student Raped on Thailand’s Southern Line Train to Heal Thai Society
Pogkrong Boon-Long

The Balkan Expressionism Movement. The Rise of Balkan Artists

Religion, Healing and The Environment in American Indian Biographies
Shaheena Ayub Bhatti

Communication Cultural Amnesia By African in The Diaspora: Tayo Olafioye’s the Thunder in a Woman in Reprospect
Ade-Johnson C Shade and Sola Owonibi

Memories as Sacred Artifacts and Remembering as a Sacred Literacy
Christina L. Ivanova

New Economic Governance: A Derivative of Globalization of Indian Economy and its Implications for Women Empowerment with Reference to Self Help Groups in Andhra Pradesh
B.Sudhakar Reddy

How Ideologies Shape Society and The City in Post-War Dystopic Science Fiction Cinema
Turkan Nihan Haciomeroglu

Indo-Saracenic Architecture: Indigenous ingredients for Imperial intent
ArunaRamani Grover

Two Chrysanthemums-According To “Odour Of Chrysanthemums” By David Herbertlawrence And“The Chrysanthemums” Byjohn Steinbeck(Literary-Stylistic Analyses)
Ellen Khojevanishvili and Maia Bolashvili

Music inside of the Pictures and the Process for the Visualization of Music by the Multi-topophonic Composition Technique

Customer Buying Behavior and Social NetworkingInfluence in Saudi Arabia
Fadye Saud Al Fayad

An Unexplored Modernism: The Formation of Modern Art in Soviet Armenia

Use of Social Media in Political Communication Campaigns: A Study on Twitter during, 2014 Local Elections in Turkey
Yesim Gucdemir, Seda Cakar Mengu and Seckin Canan

Childbearing: An Overview of Womanist Discourse in Adelaide Fassinou’S Modukpé Le RÊVe Brisé
Ayeleru Toluwa Funmilayo

Republicanism’S Paradigm in Constitutionalism

Communicating Across The Boundaries of Culture: Problems of Translating Culture Specific Terms From Kazakh into English

The Nature of Business Information Service Provision in Public Libraries in Malaysia – a Conceptual Framework
Masuri Ismail and FuziahMohdNadzar

The Work of Transcendental Imagination: Analysis of Philosophical Concepts and Poetic Meanings
Julia Morkina

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Perceived Discrimination and Coping Responses Among International Students in a Philippine Comprehensive University
Angelica V. Candelaria, Khryzia Anne G. Agustin, David Andrew G. Gonzalez, Beatrice May L. Pascual, Ma. Katrina Joy S. Ramirez, Anne Theresa B. Rejano and Lucila O. Bance

Revisiting Dunhuang: Five-W Art Journey to Mogao Caves
Leon K. L. Chew

Weblogs Argumentation Under the Microscopic Lens
Sharifah Shahnaz bt Syed Husain

Unraveling the Complexity of Ownership Form: An Analysis of its Impact and Influence Across Pertinent American Industries
Wayne J Smeltz

God and Goddess of Classic Mythology in Anatolia
Nihat Aycan and Sule Aycan

A Critical Study of The Theories and Models Relating to Occupational Stress
Porag Sarmah

Ecocultural Dynamics in Jim Crace’s Harvest and Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas
Charu Mathur

On Typological Study of Some Georgian-Italian Folk and Fairy-Tales

Discussions on Democratical Governance in Akp Era
A. Baran Dural and Emrah Akyüz

Vulnerability, Risk and Harm: The Business of Institutional Review Boards
Robin Mason and Helene Berman

Components of Mandarin Chinese and Its Effects on Vocal Training
Shih-Hsin Huang