Table of Contents (Volume 08, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Design of Patient Instruction Brochure for the Elderly Accepting Dialysis Treatment
Li-Mei Chen, Li-Ching Chen and Yu-Hsiung Tseng

The Influence of Instagram Fashionistas' Endorsement Techniques on Consumers' Purchasing Intentions
Najla Saif Al Kindi

Assessing Spatial Walkability Development Process based on a Qualitative Problem-solving Approach
Amna Al Saadi, Riken Homma and Kazuhisa Iki

Il Sogno Italiano Nella Canzone Rap Hiphop Tunisina
Asma Skander

Islamic Awakening of the 21 st Century: A view of Yusuf Al-qaradawi
Nadia M. Wardeh

Obstetric Violence in Brazil: An Integrated Multiple Case Study
Murillo Dias and Valeria Eunice Mori Machado

The Hellenistic Cultural Impact on the Jewish Traditional Society from a Current Perspective
Ion Resceanu

Analytical Article as a Mediacultural Phenomenon
Nana Gorgodze

Geoengineering Climate Change Solutions: Public Policy issues for National and Global Governance
Dianne Rahm

Integrating Sustainability in Universities: Perceptions from Nigeria
Allu Evelyn Lami Ashelo

Interpretating Conceptual Structures in the Narrative: Translation Pitfalls
Svitlana Chugu

Contrastive Analysis of the Ethnopsychological Concept Blood in the German, English and Georgian Languages
Nunu Kapanadze and Manana Rusieshvili

Analyzing the Influence of the American Religious Right on u.s. Foreign Policy and International Relations: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical approach
Paulina Napierala

Argumentation in Political Discourse: Semantic, Composition and Stylistic Register
Iryna Voloshchuk and Galyna Usyk

The Compliance of National Legislation with the Trips Agreement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Samia Hassan

Cultural and Ideological Factors Affecting Development in the Arab World: Jordan as an Example
Amani Ghazi Jarrar

Pre-colonial West African Muslim Scholars as Peace Promoters
Adama Bamba and Abdulai M. Kaba

Iraqi Political System in Modern History and its Role in Protecting Human Rights in Urban Centers: Towards Building Fair and Sustainable Urban Communities
Mustafa K. Al Janabi

The Effects of Collective Historical Victimization on Reconciliation and Resentment toward Great Powers
Noémi Zsuzsanna Mészáros and Zsolt Péter Szabó

The Vicious Circle of Caste, Class and The Constitution of India
Sunita Arya

The Ascertainment and Preservation of the Ancient Scriptures in Temples in Phayao Thailand
Wanchai Pholmuangdee, Somsak Boonpoo and Uthit Siriwan

Major League Baseball (MLB) Recruitment and Low-Income Families in the Dominican Republic
Brandon Lee

An Existential Phenomenological Inquiry for Public Open Spaces in the Walled City of Nicosia
Sevinc Kurt

The Unknown Dimension of Flirting Violence: A Case Study of Anadolu University Students
Ruchan Gokdag

How Big Data, Cloud and Analytics (BDCA) have Transformed Information Technology
Bongs Lainjo

Postmodern Metropolis Versus Socialist Realist Urban Planning: The Case of Krakow
Bogusław Podhalański

The Implementation of French Language Policy in a Multilingual African Society: Nigeria as a Case Study
Carol C. Opara, Olukemi E. Adetuyi Olu-Francis and Vera A. Osedeme

Attitude of Higher Education Students Towards the Elderly
Ana Andrade, Rosa Martins, Carlos Albuquerque, Conceição Martins and Madalena Cunha

Political Women Leadership of Thai Women: the Era of Globalization
Busabar Sinsomboon and Rujira Rojanapeansatith

Enhancing Nurses’ and Midwives’ Capacity for Effective Postpartum Care in Low Resourced Environment
Janet Kemei and Josephine Etowa

Social Networks’ Educational and Social Effects: PSU Students’ Perspectives from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Islamic Studies
Rusdee Taher and Abdulai M. Kaba

Nursing Home Culture and Prescriptions of Antipsychotics
Jonathan Squyres and Andjelka Stones

Globalization of Criticism in Information Networks
Nádai, Julianna

Democracy and Political Participation in the Former Conflict Affected Areas of Sri Lanka
Osantha NayanapriyaThalpawila

Re-mapping (and Archiving) the Life of a Thai Grassroots Dressmaker in a Postcolonial Landscape
Sinith Sittira

“Encountering The Adversary: A Study On ‘Existential Assault On Female” In Anita Desai’s Cry, The Peacock And Fire On The Mountain
P. Rajendra Karmarkar

When Poetry is More Than Words: Jason Nelson's Digital Poetry and the Synergy of Science, Mathematics, and Semiotics
Rabab Ahmed Amin Abdel Fattah

Salman Rushdie’s The Golden House: Classical Worldview for Postmodern Times
Jagdish Batra

Armenian Diaspora in Jordan between the “Myth of Return” and Reality in Transnationalism Era
Randa Musharbash

From Toxic to Politically Correct: Masculinities in American Psycho and Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Petra Fišerová

Forces Attracting Fans to Collegiate Sporting Events
Leon J. Mohan

Attitudes toward Women Managers in Public Relations: A Study on Public Relations Students
H. Andaç Demirtaş-Madran 1 and Kübra Turan

Dynamics of Legislation Function of the House of Representatives in Indonesia
Andi Gau Kadir, Nurlinah and Muh Resky Gau

The Strategy of East Indonesian Local Governments in Facing the ASEAN Economic Community: Case Study - Creative Industry Development Policies Based on Local Culture in Makassar and Palu
Darwis and Aswin Baharuddin

Articulation of American Dream and a Blue Print of Social Realism in of Mice and Men of John Steinbeck
Anoop Kumar Tiwari and Anil Manjhi

Trauma in the Unconsoled: A Crisis of the Self
Assil Ghariri and Khaldia Belkheir

Towards the Eradication of Corruption in Nigeria: A Pragmatic Study of Niyi Osundare's the Wedding Car
Olubunmi Idowu

Sensory Challenges in the Receptive Communication of the Elderly in Thailand
Sirikes Kumpitak

A Critical Review of the Recording of Land Ownership Transfer in order to include Capital in the Limited Liability Company Derived from Mergers and Acquisitions
Aslan Noor, Arman Lany and Lilis Ratnaningsih

Stemming Insurgency in Nigeria: A Multi-Pronged Approach
Oluwadare Abiodun Joseph

From Genrotocracy to British Crown Rule: A History of the Political Administration of Lagos UP TO 1861
Animashaun Bashir Olalekan

Religion in Current Indonesian Politics: Puritan Islam Vis-a-vis Secular Nationalists
Endang Turmudi

Impacts of African Traditiona Legal System on Peaceful Co-existence of Citizenry: A Case of Oyo Empire in Nigeria
Ayobami Olutayo Ajayi and M.Z. Shamase

Cross-sectional Study to Identify the Prevalence of Abuse and its types, its Causes and its Resources for a Sample of Children and Adolescents
Raghad Ibrahim and Mohammed Baqir

Factors Influencing Island Tourism Experiential Value
Rosidah Musa, Janiffa Saidon and Zamani Ismail