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Fusing Art and Oral Development of Emergent English Speakers
Cornelia G. A. Smith

Metacognitive awareness of reading strategies and multiple intelligences in prediction of English reading comprehension with medical junior college students
Yen-Ju Hou

Bridging Literature Through Students’ Original Artwork: An Experiment in Teaching
Elizabeth Kim

Assessment in an era of increased social inclusion in higher education
Clinton Hayes and Nadine Adams

The Impact of Educational Logistics on Entrepreneurial Success in Higher Education
Pannarat Wansavatkul

The Effectiveness of Phonemic Awareness Instruction to Early Reading Success in Kindergarten
Adel T. Al-Bataineh and Siobhan Sims-King

Dance and Its Influence on Emotional Self-Control and Regulation and Emotional Intelligence Abilities Among Early Childhood-Aged Children
Ofra Walter and Enju Sat

EFL Students’ Writing Apprehension
Pratin Pimsarn

Teaching Business Ethics: Issues, Criticisms, and Recommendations
Mark S. Schwartz

Industry-School Partnerships: An Ecological Approach
Matthew Flynn and Hitendra Pillay

Essential Maxims Contributing to New Teacher’s Confidence and Efficiency in the Classroom
Sogand Noroozizadeh

Distribution of New Crop Pests in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
D. T. Sembel, E. M. Meray, C. S. Rante, D. S. Kandowangko, M. Ratulangi and M. F. Dien

A Contingency Analysis of How Virtual Learning Environments Function in Distance Teacher Education
Lee L Mason, Nancy Glomb and James Barta

When Syntax Endures Man’s Enduring was... the Relevance of Faulkner’s ‘Octopus’ Sentence
Baya Bensalah

DRSABC: Trainee teachers’ experiences with first aid training
Christopher Francis Baldwin

The Power of Metaphor: Reprogramming and Controlling the Mind Versus Retention of Health and Identity
Faith Mishina and Mariah Wharton

Students can do Research and can Deliver Strong Bibliographies!
Richard J Self

Cognitive Development Among Malaysian Children:the Multiple Assessments of Interactive Learning Modules
Ahsha Vaksalla and Christopher Hodshire

Explaining Success and Failure in Welfare Policy Changes in Europe: Governance, Trust and Legitimacy
Attila Bartha

Drama in Oman to Improve English Proficiency Among English-Major College Students
Rahma Al-Mahrooqi and Mary L. Tabakow

The Effect of Particle Size and Concentration of Crumb Rubber on the Rutting and Fatigue Cracking Resistance of Trinidad Lake Asphalt and Petroleum Bitumen
Shandelle Hosein, Chris Maharaj, Rean Maharaj and Dimple Singh-Ackbarali

Student Perceptions of Online Instruction
Brenda L. Shook, Margaret J. Greer and Scott Campbell

Developing Language and Teaching Skills Through Videoconferencing and Collaborative Projects: A Case Study of English Teacher Training Programs in Japan
Minako Yogi

An Investigation Into High School Teachers’ Understanding Of 10Th Grade Students’ Attitudes and Values Toward Physical Activity as a Factor in Physical Education Drop Out Rates and Adolescent Obesity
Emilio Landolfi

Doing Science Research at an Undergraduate University
Sharon L. Gillies and Steven Marsh

Lesser Gods of Brazil: Heroes and Excursions into Musical Intelligence, Www.Com and Jazz-Arts Fusion
Donnie Lawrence

Teaching Media Competence in the Classroom: Television, Advertising and Film
Teresa Fernández-Ulloa

Kansas’s Twenty-First-Century Monkey Trials and Tribulations: An Examination of the State Board of Education’S Continuing Evolution Vs. Creationism Controversies and the Implications for Science Instruction in the United States
Tadeusz Lewandowski

Teaching of Religious Education in Iraqi State Schools and the Status of Minorities in Iraq: A Critical Review
Lazgin Barany

Dungeons of the Heart: How Freud Taught Us to Read
Eve A. Hershberger

Lipari and the Impact of the European Social Fund
Rose Marie Azzopardi