Table of Contents (Volume 03, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Curriculum Unit Design on Teaching Argumentation in EFL English Class
Tecnam Yoon

Textual Analysis for Developing Linguistic- Literary Competence: A Try- Out
Tungesh Gondedahalli Mahalingappa

The State of Online Education in the Fastest Growing Community College in the United States
Raquel Henry

Emotional Competency and Efficacy of Teachers: Preschool Education Excellence Indicator in Malaysia
Yahya Don, Sufian Omar Fauzee, Arumugam Raman, Fauzi Husin, Muhd Dzahir Kasa and Siti Noor Ismail

Assessing the Effectiveness of Videoconferencing in Education: Case Study of UAE University
Hebatalla EI-Semary and May AI Khaja

Modeling of E-Portfolio Acceptance in the Triatry Education: A Multi-Theoritical Approach
Mohammed Ali R. Alzahrani and Suhaimi Bin Ibrahim

The Effect of Anxiety and Motivation on Foreign Language Achievement: A Study of Structural Equation Modeling
İbrahim Serkan Ödemiş and Mehmet Emin Uslu

Higher Education: The Key to Cambodia’s Development
Eric Donghyuck Seo

Improving Malaysian Higher Education and its International Influence
Lewin Kim, Jae Han Lee, Esther Jung and Jae Hyun Lee

Identifying the Training Needs of Faculty Members at Salman Bin Abdulaziz University in the Light of the Occupational Roles of the University from the Perspective of Faculty Members Themselves
Mubarak Fehaid S. Alkahtani

A Novel Framework for Evaluation of Academic E-Learning Content
Abdulkareem Al-Alwani

Teaching for the Real World: Developing and Implementing Performance-based Learning and Assessment
Neziha Ayça Palancılar

Improving Sixth Grade Students Reading Comprehension
Edward Maurice Harris II

Effects of Extra Marks in Course Evaluation in Engineering Education
Sanna Heikkinen and Peeter Kukk

Teaching Life Skills in the Process of Second Language Acquisition Via Interactive Classroom Activities for University Students
Anna Prokhorova and Maria Vasilyeva

Linguistic basis of Teaching Complex Syntactic English Structures at Higher Schools
Nino Kirvalidze and Nino Samnidze

Coherence and Supplementary Materials
Tsisana Giguashvili and Irakli Gurgenidze

Placement of Teacher and School Social Worker Candidates in the Zayed University College of Education Teacher Preparation Program: Are Placements in Repeat Schools Effective?
Barbara Rado Mosseau

Washington Accord, Signatory Status and Beyond: An Indian Perspective
B. L. Gupta, D. Singh Karaulia and R. K. Dixit

Exploring the Perception and Acceptance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Classroom for Polytechnic Students
Jeya Amantha Kumar, Balakrishnan Muniandy and Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan Yahaya

Comparative Analysis of Emotional Intelligence of Private and Public Universities in Ghana
Sophia A. Abnory and Moses M. Abnory

Math Anxieties: A Basis for an Enhanced Mathematics Instruction Program
Remedios D. Facun, Nancy l. Mati and Ninez Bautista

Managing Digital Distraction: A Pedagogical Approach for Dealing with Wireless Devices in the Classroom
Steven P. Ehrlick

An Assessment of Work Culture and Productivity Management Among the Public /Private Universities in Ghana
John Nelson Buah and Moses Maclean Abnory

Unlocking Opportunities for Entrepreneurship through Innovative Training: “Start-a-Business”, An Experiment in Entrepreneurship through Education
Hebatullah Ali Abdel-Aleem Abdel-Hamed

Pedagogical Context of Multicultural Education at School
Alida Samusevica

A Multicultural Infusion Process Model in Teacher Education Curriculum through a Collaborative-Participatory Process
Wilma S. Reyes

Forming Components of Civic Competence
Pāvels Jurs

Taiwanese College Students’ Part-Time Job Engagement: From a Career-Oriented Perspective
Yi-an Hou

Social Networking as a Flexible Means of Communication for Students in Higher Institutions
Adediran Adekunle Amos and Orukotan Akinyemi Folasayo

Information Systems for Assessing Students’ Performance in Government Schools in the United Arab Emirates
Rima Shishakly and Mervyn J. Misajon

The Semiotic Influence of Pictures on Exercise Books on Career Choices of School Children in Madina, Accra
Brian S. Akrong

Student Teaching as a Part of Teacher Training in Greece: A Critical Hermeneutic Approach
Konstantinos Chatzidimou

Communication Strategies (CSs) as Mediational Means to Learning and Speaking English
Joseph C. Wood

A Proposal for Including and Implementing Security Education in Teacher Education Programme in Nigeria
Joseph Suleiman and Femi Daniel

Relative Predictive Validity of UTME, Post-UTME and Interest Scores for Achievement in Nigerian Universities
Joseph Suleiman and Femi Daniel

Music Education: Incorporating Computer Technology into the Applied Lesson
Tracy Lee Heavner

The Causes and Some Practical Treatment Methods for Helping Math-Anxious Students at Qatar University
Khalid Alardah and Mahmoud I. Syam

EFL Reading in Indonesian Universities: Perspectives and Challenges in Cultural Contexts
Harits Masduqi

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Learning Styles in Learning Objects (LSILO) at a Colombian Public University
Boris Pérez

A Development of Distance Training Package on Evaluation Research
Somtawin Wijitwanna

Maritime Students’ Perception Towards Drama as a Way to Reduce Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety
Puteri Zarina M.K.

Authenticity in the EFL Classroom: The Learners’ Motivation and Attitude Towards Authentic Material
Jessica Diebowski

Correlations between the Acquired Knowledge and Practical Applications in Class Teaching on the Subject of Music Education
Stefanija Leshkova Zelenkovska and Aida Islam

Action Research in Teacher Education: A Praxis Where Theory and Practice Meet
Melissa Awenowicz

Toward a Unifying Vision for American’S Educational System: Building Stronger Bridges from Preschool to Phd
Lynne M. Celli and Nicholas D. Young

Consolidating Language Learners’ Linguistic Skills Via Content-Based Teaching In Ukraine
Svitlana Chugu

Assessing the Suitability of “Sunrise” Programme to the Kurdish Learners of the Seventh Basic Grade in the Schools of Erbil City
Fatimah Rashid Hassan and Omar Fouad Ghafor

An Instrument to Assess Secondary School Mathematics Teacher’s Assessment Practices in Malaysia
Mohd Faizal Nizam Lee Abdullah, Mohd Sahandri Gani Hamzah, Che Nidzam Che Ahmad, Mazlini Adnan, Noraini Mohamed Noh, Shafini Suhaimi and Lajiman Janoory

The Relationship between Teachers’ Bureaucratic Structure and Collective Efficacy Perceptions
Ayşe Ottekin Demirbolat, Fatma Kalkan and Emine Dağli

Test Anxiety as a Mediator between Perfectionism and Academic Procrastination
Ladan Hashemi and Morteza Latifian

Time Management and Wellness of Nursing Students
Conceição Martins, João Duarte, Ana Costa, Ana Ministro, Ana Fruela, Ania Pereira, André Carvalho, Diana Figueiredo, Ricardo Neves and Claudia Chaves

Bologna Process in Translation Studies BA Program: Turkish Experience
Hülya Arslan and Nilüfer Denissova

Teaching Languages Through Popular Songs
Afranio da Silva Garcia

Improved Student Performance in Geospatial Science Learning
David Mitchell and Patricia McLaughlin