Table of Contents (Volume 04, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

The Ways of Teaching Professionally-Oriented Foreign Language for Students of Non-Linguistic Specialties
Akmaral Niyazbekova, Aisha Nurlybai and Zhumagul Arystanbekova

The Adoption of the Student-Active Learning Approach in Efl Classrooms in Oman: The Teachers’ Encountered Challenges
Bati Al Shekaili

Models of Educational Management: The Case of a Language Teaching Institute
Abdel Halim Sykes

English Language Learning Strategies
Abdulhaq Basheer Hassan

Porter for the ITIV LABS – Objective-Related Engineering Education in an Undergraduate Laboratory
Carsten Tradowsky, Andreas Lauber, Stephan Werner, Thorsten Beuth, Klaus D. Müller-Glaser and Eric Sax

German as a Foreign Language: Methods and Contents of Education for Sustainable Development / Deutsch Als Fremdsprache: Methoden Und Inhalte Der Bildung Fuer Nachhaltige Entwicklung
Galina Vakhromova

The Effectiveness of Solution-Focused Group Therapy on the Anxiety Level of Primary Caretakers of Save Our Solves (SOS) Villages
Eid Galal Abo Hamza

Culture in the Flt Classroom: To Teach or Not to Teach?
Madina Ashirimbetova

The Effect of Formeaning Response Strategy on Students’ Poetry Writing Ability
Ajisarni, Sriyeti and Mul Amri

Enhancing Views of the Nature of Science (NOS) via Project-based Learning
Araya Lee

The Results of Using RCA Classroom Management Technique
Pavinee Komanasin

Learning Processes of Communities Using Information Technology and Communications
Intira Robroo

The Analysis of Classroom Action Researches of Fifth-Year Students of Early Childhood Education Program
Sirimanee Banjong and Suthakorn Vasupokin

Factors Affecting English Speaking Abilities of Second Year English Major Students in the Faculty of Education, Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok
Teeraporn Plailek

Teacher-assisted reading, peer-assisted reading vs self-reading in Thai Primary Children
Wipada Prasansaph

Expressing Attitudes in Research Introductions and Discussions: Lessons from and for Novice Research Writers
Kunyarut Getkham

The Perception of Parents and Students on the Introduction of Inclusive Education in Secondary Schools Curriculum in Nigeria
Balogun Mahroof-Deen Abiodun and Adediran Adekunle Amos

Dynamic Education Model for the Development of Knowledge Based Production Processes of Farmers’ Leader in the North of Thailand
Atchara Sriphan

The University’s Management in the Context of Incentive Actions
Seweryn Cichoń

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Teaching and Learning of Economics in Secondary Schools, Lagos State, Nigeria
Wuraola L. Lawal, K. Olanrewaju Sheidu and Chika H. Dike

Some Aspects of Business Writing and Language Skills Management
Medea Diasamidze and Tatia Nakashidze-Makharadze

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Mathematics Education for the Attainment of Vision 2020 in Nigeria
Bashir Yaro, Ya’u Ado and Musa Abdullahi

Teaching Architecture
Nida Al Hamzeh

Language Education as a Catalyst for Contextualizing Justice and Human Dignity in Nigerian Schools
Carol C. Opara and Afoma R. Okudo

Developing Intrinsic Motivation Using Cognitive and Meta-Cognitive Strategies
Stars Jasmine

Diminishing MBA Enrolment of Selected Universities in United Arab Emirates
Mervyn J. Misajon, Maria Jade C. Opulencia and Djonde Frega A. Antiado

Students Succeed Less But Teachers Do More Work
Sanna Heikkinen and Heli Virtanen

Responding to Learner Difficulties in Efl Writing Classes
Jujuna Gumbaridze

Exploring the Concept of Place in School
Pamela Marcia Ferreira Dionisio

Factors Effecting the Reflective Thinking of Student Teachers of Rajamangala University of Technology
Rossarin Jermtaisong

Normal Tangent Lambert Conformal Conic Projection of the Sphere by Means of a Computer Algebra System
Adam Marlewski

Investigation of the Correlation Between Self-Handicapping, Test Anxiety, and Personality Traits
Samaneh Jamshidi, Nahid Tahmasebi and Bahman Akbari

Expressing Claim: Hedges in English Language Learners’ Writing
H. Gülru Yüksel and Suzan Kavanoz

Comparison of Intercultural Education in Two Countries
Kateřina Luhanová

The Importance of Teaching Academic Writing Skills to Esl Students
Anila Priftanji

Discourse Markers in Esl Graduate Students’ Research Introductions
Merlyn Lee

The Importance of Industry Links in Teaching Pedagogy
Koorosh Gharehbaghi

Education Reform in the UAE – Bringing Private Schools into the Fold
Kathy O’Sullivan

Education, Culture and the Arts
Mikko Ketovuori and Heli Ketovuori

Cross-Age Peer Tutoring as Intervention to Cultural Minority Students With Learning Difficulties in Mathematics
Maria Lourdes D. Galia

Development of a Causal Model of Accuracy in Tutorial-based Rating in Problem-Based Learning
Sukolrat Ingchatcharoen, Kamonwan Tangdhanakanond and Shotiga Pasiphol

The Need for Adopting Modern Techniques of Teaching to Improve Arabic Education in Nigeria
Salih Muhammad Jumah

Project at Attention! English for the Portuguese Military and GNR1
Florbela Raabe, Olga Duarte, Ricardo Oliveira and Sofia Menezes

Influence of Electronic Media Use on Sexual Behaviour of Undergraduates in University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
Rebecca Oluwafunmibi Ojeniyi

Current Trends in Teaching Techniques (Strategies) and Need for Personal Development in Promoting Work Ethics and Conduct
Ibikunle Ganiyu Oloyede and Adediran Adekunle Amos

Assessing Conceptual Understanding of Materials Science Among Non Physics Majors
Lynn Guevarra Penales

A Feminist Study of Olatunbosun Oladapo’s Yoruba Poem“ÌYÁ KÚUSÉ”in ORIN ODÍDERÉ 1
SolajaFolakemiShakirat, AdisaOmowunmiAjoke and SodipeNurudeenOlanrawaju

Happiness or Despair- An Evaluation of First Year International Student Teacher Experience in Their First School Placement
Niraj Pandya

Developing Students’ Pronunciation: Pronunciation Practice for Students Software (PPS)
Ana Maria dos Santos Garcia Ferreira Martins and Jeniffer Imaregna Alcantara de Albuquerque

The Humanistic-Focused Karate-Do Methodology in Non-Formal Sports Education: Does it Have a Perspective of Sustainable Development?
Sergejs Capulis, Valerijs Dombrovskis and Svetlana Guseva

The Role of the Reference Groups of the Greek Teachers Regarding Their Job Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction
Panagiota Tampoura

In-Service Training Policy in Greece Through the Perspective of the Federation of Primary School Teachers in Greece
Eleni Triantafyllou

Mathematics Language and Mathematical Achievement at the Pre-University Level
I.O. Osafehinti

Internet Use: Its Implications to E-Learning in the UAE
Djonde Frega Ariz-Antiado, Mervyn J. Misajon and Maria Jade Catalan-Opulencia