Table of Contents (Volume 08, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

The Study of Teachers’ Misconceptions in Classroom Action Research
Mullika Palachot and Araya Lee

The Results of Project-Based Learning for Improving Students’ Self-Learning Behaviors
Pavinee Komanasin

"My Teacher Works as the Promoter of Joy at School": Students’ Perceptions of Teachers’ Caring Personality
Eliisa Leskisenoja, Satu Uusiautti and Kaarina Määttä

The Development of English Communication Skills by Simulation for Bachelor Degree Students, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
Puripun Lert-o-pas and Rossarin Jermtaisong

Sports Access Learning Development in Facilitating Independent Learning on the Instructional Model Based Blended Learning for Physical Education Students, Postgraduate Program State University of Malang
Wasis D. Dwiyogo

Characteristics of Self-Directed Learning of Students From Institute of Physical Education
Chaweewan Seesom

Development of E-Learning Courses for Psychology for Teachers
Rossarin Jermtaisong and Nuttapong Chootai

The Use of L1 in ESP Classes
Boukhatem Nadera

The Selection Process of the International South East Asian Students in Choosing the United States as Their Study Destination
Nguyen Phuc Vinh Tuong, Thai Hong Thuy Khanh, Tran Dinh An and Nguyen Duc Bao Long

Leadership Role of the National Library for the Academic Library System in Sri Lanka
Mervin Weerasinghe

Characterizing Kuwait University Engineering Students (Active/Passive) and Possible Solutions
Jamal N. Al-Hajji and Ammar A. Alsairafi

Students’ Preferences in Selecting a Faculty Member When Giving a Choice
Ammar A. Alsairafi and Jamal N. Al-Hajji

Cyberlearning: Enhancing 3D Spatial Skills
Michael Brazley

Perspectives on Early Start in EFL Learning in Indonesia
Marhamah Marhamah

Technology Integration and its Relationship to the Development of Students’ Global Citizenship Attitudes in a Sample of Lebanese High Schools
Samira Nicolas

Introducing Axioms of Probability Through Spreadsheets
Andriy Didenko, Gary Miller and David Allison

The Effect of Integrating Socially-Shared Metacognition into Problem-based Learning on Malaysian Polytechnic Students’ Critical thinking and Academic Achievement
Zuhairah binti Abdul Hadi , Mohd. Nazir bin Md Zabit, Zuriadah binti Ismail and Tirzah Zubeidah binti Zachariah

Teacher Researcher: Paradigm Dilemma
Malika Haoucha

A Brief History and Review of Critical thinking skills: Malaysian Approach
Mohd Nazir Md Zabit, Zuhairah Abdul Hadi , Zuriadah Ismail and Tirzah Zubeidah Zachariah

Knowledge Sharing and Learning Mechanisms for Climate Change Adaptation among Key Stakeholders of Yam and Cassava Production in Cross River State, Nigeria
Augustine Oko Angba, Hilda Eta and Cynthia W. Angba

Libqual Analysis of Library Services in University Libraries in Sri Lanka
A.W.A. Priyanwada Lakmali Wanigasooriya

Using Movies as Teaching Materials in Class
Kei Mihara

Operational Challenges of ERP Implementation: Case Study
Kamalavelu Velayutham , Baomin Qi and Thirumurugan Shanmugam

How Chinese International Students make meaning of Support Systems Through Stories
Morgan Bradford , Nick Dix, Mel Lafferty and Rowen Thomas

Team Teaching in Physical Therapy Education
Andrea N. Bowens and Nicholas B. Washmuth

Exam Study Methods for the Online Student: Here is What Really Works!
Jennifer Claire

Impact of Curriculum and Assessment Reforms on School Counselling in Nigeria
Serifat Adefunke Ehindero