Table of Contents (Volume 08, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Challenges of “Teaching and Learning” in Technical Drawing Course: A Comparison of Architectural and Civil Engineering Education
Hande Aladağ and Hande Düzgün Bekdaş

The Current Situation and Issues in Practicing Ocean and Nature Activities in Preschool education in the Island nation Japan
Kanae Watanabe and Yoshiaki Unno

Linkage Process and Innovation Analysis: The Furniture Industry case in Ocotlan, Mexico
Rogelio Rivera

Report writing: A way to Gain Feedback from Students
Ketkanda Jaturongkachoke and Supamit Chanseawrassamee

Exploring Optimization Problems in an Introductory Calculus Course via Spreadsheets
Zanin Kavazović, A. Didenko and D. Allison

The Interplay between Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge in the Learning of Mathematics: A Symbiotic Relationship between Theory and Practice
Kwan Yuet Ling Linda

Using counter-story to increase belonging in an HEI: Exploring the potential of posters to contribute to the institutional habitus
Farrukh Akhtar

Laboratorio Virtual y la UVE-heurística en la enseñanza aprendizaje de la asignatura de Análisis de Algoritmos
Abel Camacho Galván and Beatriz Dolores Guardian Soto

The education of teachers in Brazilian context(s) under a socio-cultural perspective: the influence of emotions and (co) construction of professional identity in the autobiographical narrative(s)
Selma Maria Abdalla Dias Barbosa and Patricia Fabiana Bedran

Flipped Language Classroom: A Case Study of an Interdisciplinary Course Project
Niina Kovalainen

Socio-demographic Variables Predicting Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Pluralistic Counselling among Secondary School Counsellors in Nigeria
Obaze Agbonluae Osumah

Sustainable Open Educational Resources (oer) in Higher Education: A Stakeholder Analysis Approach
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Towards a Common Islamic Studies Program in Nusantara: Prospects and Challenges
Ibrahem Narongraksakhet, Suthisak Duereh and Mamady Komah

Continuous Improvement Implementation and its Implication to School Effectiveness: The Case of Malandag Central SPED Center, Malungon, Sarangani, Philippines
Renetchie B. Martinez and Wilfred D. Bidad

Contemporary Islamic Education Reforms in Southern Thailand: A Case Study of Public, Private Islamic Schools and Pondoks
Ibrahima Lamine Sano, Yusof Talek and Muhammad Roflee Waehama

Teachers’ use of Technology in Science Supports Student Knowledge
Wail Fakherji

Outcomes of a Service Learning Project in a Teacher Preparation Course
Olivia Panganiban Modesto

Factors Influencing Religious Leaders’ Smoking Cessation in Thailand’s Southernmost Provinces
Sarinda Puti and Abdulai M. Kaba

Exploring how Secondary Teachers Promote Critical Thinking
Shehzeen Alamir

Impact of using Creative Arts Strategies on Students’ Perceptions of Learning Literature
Nisha Khorasi

Using Video Technology in Language Teaching
Boukhatem Nadera

Embracing the Role of the Group in your Classroom: A Lesson of a Lesson Study
Petra Kristi Mulyani

Linking Talent Management and Apprenticeship for African Youth Empowerment; Nigerian Youths’ in View
Pauline Ebere Onyeukwu, Sunday Ijuo Ukpata and Benedict Ndubuisi Akanegbu

A Survey Study on General Self-efficacy Among Baccalaureate Nursing Students in Macao
Hao Bin Yuan

Key Attributes of Graduate Interm’s Capabilities for Successful Transfer Knowledge: A Structural Equation Modeling using Partial Least Squares
Roselina Ahmad Saufi, Rosle Mohidin, Roslinah Mahmud, Lim Thien Sang and Dg. Safrina Ag. Budin

Implementing Science Fiction in the ESL Classroom - Reading Stanislaw Lem’s Novel ‘Solaris’ in Respect of the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Method
Zeynep Apaydın

The Influence of the School Environment on Teenage Delinquency
Slávka Démuthová

Advisory Programs: Outlining the need for Connectedness to Support Student Success in the Middle School Setting
Cassandra Irwin-Zapf, Adel Al-Bataineh and Ellis Hurd

The Impact of Social Media on English Language and its Pedagogical implications. An Etymological Study Based on New Entries in the Revised Editions of Oxford English Dictionary (Jan 2016- Jan 2018)
Marium Bushra

Teaching William Faulkner’s use of Arthurian Literary Devices in Absalom, Absalom!
Daniela Duralia

Competency-based Education: A Pertinent path for Higher Education in Saudi Arabia
Adele Madikoma Mavuso

Internationalization of Higher Education Curriculum: An Exploration of Vietnamese academics’ Perceptions and Practices
Huong Le Thanh Phan

Impact of Holistic Assessment Modes on English as a Second Language (ESL) Students’ Literacy Development
Nonye R. Ikonta, Ebere D. Ezeudegbunam and Lilian E. Agada

Inquiry-based Classroom Exercises for Developing Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills Among University Students
Brian Winterman and Brian Winterman

The Effects of Segmented and Non-Segmented Video on Students’ Cognitive Achievement
Asrul Hafiz Huliman Hami Bin Ahmad

Improving the standards of research supervision among university faculty
Amel Thafer Alshehry

Test Specifications for Health Behaviors and English for Specific Content: Environment for Health
Rungrawee Samawathdana

Reflective Learning in High-fidelity Simulation among Undergraduate Nursing Students
Hao Bin Yuan

Life-long Education for Sustainable Economy in Africa: The Role of French Language Education
Olukemi Adetuyi-Olu-Francis and Carol Opara

The Impact of Providing Focused peer Feedback on the Accuracy of the Local Aspects of EFL Writers
Hind Mohammad Alraddadi

The Effects of Linguistic Interference while Teaching English as SL to Georgian Students
Ekaterine Archvadze, Ekaterine Archvadze and Sopio Kipiani

Evaluating Blended Learning: Case Study of Akaki Tsereteli State University
Natia Zviadadze, Nino Demetradze and Ketevani Memanishvili

Creating Syllabus and Developing Grading Criteria for Macedonian Language for Professional Purposes at SEEU according to needs based Analysis
Aleksandra P. Taneska and Blagojka Zdravkovska-Adamova

Designing an Educational Unit Based on the McGraw-Hill Program and Measuring its Impact on Achievement and the Reflective thinking Skills among the Sixth Grade Students in Islamic Education in Jordan
Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Al-Naanah

Preservice Teacher Attitudes and Beliefs of Academically Diverse Student Education in Mainstream Classrooms
Esra Kaskaloglu-Almulla

The impact of a key person on school change
Hung Chang Lee

Perceived Research Experience of Graduate School Students
Josephine S. Lambinicio and Elizabeth A. Montero