Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Workshop on Proprioception, the Little Known Human’s Sixth Sense, at the Rescue of All Domains of Education, Not Only in Science and Technology Learning
André Blondin

Spirituality and Mental Disorders
Esmat Savadi, Mohammad-Reza Ramezani and Qodsieh Sadat Hashemi

Improving Cross-Functional Collaboration in Global Business
Fang Siyan, To K. M. Chester, Zhang Zhiming and Chang M. T. Jimmy

Whistleblowing in Russia: Utopia or Reality?
Maria Batishcheva

New Source on the History of Khwarazm: “Khorasan Fathi” by Ishmurad Axund
Hilola Nazirova

Expectations and Satisfaction Level of Scouts Who Participated in the International Scouting Camp
Zeki Coşkuner

A Efficiency of Equity Market Volatility by Using Financial Models for Developed and Emerging Markets
Kirti Arekar

The Occupy Movement: An Emerging Public Sphere
Joan Tirwyn Fajemisin

Addressing Bullying in South Korea
Kim Sung Hoon

Exploring Factors that Impact Neuronal Activation Producing Paternal Care in the Male Prairie Vole (Microtus Ochrogaster)
Damaris-Lois Yamoah Lang, Wilhemina Laryea, Fiker Fassil and Maryam Bamshad-Alavi

Vocabulary Learning Strategies of Medical Students at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Nasrin Shokrpur and Fatemeh Seddigh

The Discrepancy Between Teaching and Evaluating the Speaking Skill in EFL Classrooms: The Case Study of “3ÈME AS” Pupils
Omari Fz Imane

Resource and Technology as Constraints to Growth in Agriculture: The Indian Experience
Joydeb Sasmal

The Effect of English L2 Knowledge on the Acquisition of the Russian Morphology by L1 Turkish Students in a Turkish-Educational Setting
Anna Lozovska and Elena Antonova Ünlu

Communicative Strategies of Scientific Rhetoric in Foreign Language Learning
Pilosova Svetlana

A Study of the Television Viewing Behavioral Factor that Affects Emotional Intelligence of Thai Students in Bangkok
Sombat Kittibantherngkul, Papusson Chaiwat and Chirasil Chayawan

Population Aging and Dynamics of Capital Markets: The Case of Five Central and Eastern European Countries
Laura Raisa Milos

Aging and Social Security Sustainability within European Union Member States
Marius Cristian Milos

Quality of Financial Information and Economic Processes
Marius Cristian Milos

Gowin Vee in Teaching for a Competence-Based Learning
Beatriz Dolores Guardian Soto

A Framework for an Effective Tutor System at the University of South Africa
Sello Mokoena and Stanley Nhlapo

Introduction to Russian Regions
Yulia Ivanova

The Colorimetric Identification of the Porcelain by Type of Material
Elena Belova

Trade Offs in Teaching Economics: Comparing Traditional, Web Based and Blended Courses
Frank J. Yunker III

The Relation Between Present-Day Children’s Eating Habits and Food Descriptions in Picture Books
Miyuki Okada

Ottoman’s Criminal Proceedings of Principle
Süleyman Zorlu

Employers’ Satisfaction Towards Graduates from Bachelor of Nursing Science Program Provided Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi
Pitchawee Sinsawad

Factors Related to Readiness for Practicing in the Clinic and Learning Outcomes of the Second-Year Nursing Students at Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi
Supparat Jamjang and Wirada Atthamaethakul

Factors Influencing Learning Achievement of Nursing Students at Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi, Thailand
K. Lersthavorntham, O. Swangwatanasade and K. Kitnopakiet

Self-Health Care Behaviours of Older Persons with Hypertension in Ratchaburi, Thailand
Jiriya Intana, Yaowaluck Meebunmak, Nattaya Wongyara, Rungtip Chaiyoyingyong, Penjamas Khumtana and Benjawan Sriyotin

Effects of Using Electronic Book in the Anatomy of Nervous System and Special Sense Organs on Nursing Students’ Learning Achievement and Nursing Students’ Satisfaction
Wannee Srivilai, Wirada Atthamaethakul and Orapin Swangwatanasade

Social Participation as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Perceived Financial Stress and Depression Among the Elderly Living in Poverty in Korea
Sungeun Lee

Dominant Approach of Curriculum Development in Primary Schools Teachers
Mahboubeh Arefi

Phillip Race’s Experiential Learning Model and Assessment: A Case Study in a Life Skills Classroom
Mariëtte Koen

Marketing and SMEs: Can an Organization of Any Size Use Marketing Plans?
Tamara Jovanov Marjanova

The Intellectual Property Rights as a Challenge for the Management in Small and Medium Size Enterprises
Biljana Conevska

Perceptions of Environmental Changes and Health Impacts Among People in Mining Industry Area of Huai-Kapi Subdistrict, Chonburi Province Thailand
Rattana Kumpiranont and Sarinthas Supapon

The Criminal Capacity in Turkish Criminal Law
Nizamettin Aydın

The Real Estate Acquisition by Natural Foreigner Persons in Turkey
Cemil Güner

A Study of Acculturation of Koreans in Australia Centered on Demographic Characteristics
Sang-Hee Cho and Sun-Hee Lee

The Use of a Spiritual Approach: Enhancing Students’ Humanized Care Performance
Jarunun Somboonsit, Malinee Jumnian and Rojanat Choojai

Integrating “The Philosophical Concepts of Sufficiency Economy” into Teaching Process to Develop Ethical Concern in Nursing Students
Chutima Malai, Benjawan Sriyotin, Montatipchaiyasak and Sontaya Srimake

Critical Friends Groups: An Opportunity to Reflect in Practice
Rob Higgins

E-Book Readers Use by Teachers and Students
Oleg Yavoruk

The Teaching of English for Academic Purposes in the Expanding Circle
Rob Higgins

A Development of the Student Evaluation System of Cooperative Education Based on Collaborative Evaluation Approach
Pranom Punsawai

Framing Accountability to, with and for Parents: Policy-Relevant Stakeholders’ Conceptualizations of Responsibilities for School Community Councils in Saskatchewan, Canada
Bonnie L. Stelmach

The Synthesis of Teacher and Student Development Approaches Employing Educational Research Network
Jitima Wannasri

Research and Development of Executive Committees System
Sombat Noparak

The Staff Training Process in the Romanian Police Organization
Zinică (Gealatu) Cristina Mihaela

Short-Term English Language Study Abroad Experiences: How Do They Contribute to the Development of Japanese University Students’ Communicative Competence?
Yoko Sato

The Development of an Instructional Integrating INFOhio Dialogue Model and Inquiry Learning Process to Enhance Information literacy of Seventh Grade Students
Utumporn Chuenvinya and Yurawat Klaimongkol

Effectiveness of the Pictorial Story in the Embodiment of Some of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Skills and the Development of Creative Thinking for Children Under 7 Years
Eman Abdulla Abdelhamid Kottb and A. Amira Kottb

Development of Albanian Ethnochoreology
Riselda Sejdija

The Impact of Management Development Programs on the Performance of Specialists Athlete’s Staff in the Department of Youth Welfare, Assuit University, Egypt
Kamal Mahran and Mohamed Abdelazeem

Designing a Device to Develop Upper Hits’ strength in Boxing
Mahmoud Hassan Hussein Mohamed

Effect of Predictable Anxiety on Body Sway in Athletes and Non-Athletes
Shahin Jalali and Minoodokht Malekian

Social Media and Culture Shift in Africa: A Rubric Analysis
Chris Ehiobuche and Frederick K. Mensah

Rhizomatic intertwining of Ethics and Peace: A Contemporary Need
Manjusha Dhumal