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An Analysis of German TV Commercials as a Preliminary Study for Using Television Commercials as a Tool for Teaching Culture
Waltraud Brigitte Mayr

‘Other’/‘Otherness’ in a Multicultural World and their Diverse Qualities and Varieties in the Context of an Applied ‘Logic of Reverse’
Longina Strumska-Cylwik

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Nigeria
Maryam Abdu

Gray Marketing Threat on Multinational Sales Revenue in Ghana
Albert Puni

Model for Evaluating Metal Recycling Efficiency for Complex Scraps (Memrecs) and its Calculations with Different Life Cycle Impact Assessment Methods
Hoang-Long Le, Eiji Yamasure, Hideyuki Okumura and Kechii N. Ishihara

Experimental Investigation of Cotton Oil Methyl Ester Usage in a CI Engine
Ali Kahraman, Özgür Solmaz, Murat Ciniviz and Ilker Örs

Treatment of Collocations in Selected English-Croatian Dictionaries
Gorana Duplančić Rogošić

Intertemporal Three-Product General Equilibrium Model of Russian Economy
MY Andreev, IG Pospelov, AA Masiutin, NP Pilnik and VP Vrzheshch

The Management of Small and Medium Enterprises to Achieve Competitive Advantages in Northern Thailand
Uthit Siriwan, Chotika Ramabut, Nutchuda Thitikalaya and Ratthanan Pongwiritthon

Algarby Emran’s Mushaf Ahmar and the Pursuit of Fame
Yahya Hassan Al-Wadhaf and Ibrahim Ali Al-Shami

The Metamorphoses of Teaching and/or the Metamorphosed Teaching: Arthurian Texts for Intensive Study
Anca Magiru and Ionel Magiru

Discourse of the Inexplicable: Verbal Representation of Interoceptive Sensations
Alexandra Nagornaya

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Two Dimensional Heat Transfer on Open Cell Aluminum Foams
Ahmet Ali Sertkaya and Burak Akbaba

Principals as Diversity Leaders: Providing Supportive Learning Environments
Lorenzo Flores

Gender and Motivation: A Case Study of Iraqi Immigrants in Melbourne
Hassan Abdilah and Raqib Chowdhury

The Value of Ethnic Diversity in the Teaching of English Language as a Foreign Language in Macedonia and the Positive Role of English Language Courses in Bringing Together Ethnically Diverse Students
Basri Saliu

Socratic Ignorance: Lifelong Teaching and Philosophical Education
Pavlos E. Michaelides

Structural Transfer in Interlingual Advertising
Ewa Piotrowska-Oberda

Effects of Bioethanol-Diesel Fuel Blends Containing Beraid Ed10 Additive on Engine Performance
Hasan Aydogan and Mustafa Acaroglu

To Protest or Not to Protest? The Christian Predicament in the Syrian and Egyptian Uprisings
Salma Mousa

Examining the English Language Skills of Foreign Students at a Malaysian Public University
Jayagowri Muniandy, Christine Liew and Toh Chwee Hiang

The Rate of Return Method Revisited with More Mathematical Rigor and Insights: An Educational Perspective
Annie Tortian and Nazim Noueihed

Religion and Democracy in Nigeria
Emeka C. Ekeke

Time Domain Modelling of an Electromagnetic Pulse Interacted with a Lossy Dielectric Half Space
Baha Kanberoğlu

Comparison of Air-Cooled Chiller, Water-Cooled Chiller and Hybrid Evaporative Air-Cooled Chiller in Malaysia – A Review
C. K. Chang, Song Kok Fui, Ng Wen Bin and Muhammad Hafiz Azizan

Lived Realities of Domestic Workers within the South African Labour Legislative Context: Phd Research-In-Progress
Christel Marais and Christo de W van Wyk

Personality and Career Choice of Secondary School Students in Brunei Darussalam
Salwa Mahalle and Rosimah Ibrahim

A Wiki System for Culture Heritage Data Management with Semantic Content
Evis Opari and Marenglen Biba

The Recruitment of Language Teachers at a Time of Critical Need
Peter B. Swanson

Death, Madness, and the Hero’s Journey: Edgar Allan Poe’s Antarctic Adventures
Kirsten Møllegaard and Robin K. Belcher

Performance Efficiency of the Liberalised Agricultural Pesticide Marketing System in Ghana
Vincent Abankwah, Simon C. Fialor and Robert Aidoo

A Field Survey of Local Community Empowerment Initiatives at Selected Resort in Malaysia
Muhamd Syafiq Salehudin, Deo Prasad and Paul Osmond

Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of the Hot and Mineral Waters Around the Bolluk Lake (Cihanbeyli-Konya),Central Anatolia, Turkey
Ayla Bozdağ and Güler Göçmez

Screening Stereotypes: An Analysis of Female Police Officers in Contemporary Hong Kong Films
Jason Siu

From Eros to Industry: Creativity Theory and Practice
Louise Katz

First Year Undergraduates’ Perceptions of English Language Needs: A Study at a Malaysian Public University
Fauzilah Md Husain, Noraida Kamarudin and Akmar Mohamad

“Why Can’t They Simply Get to the Point?” A Sociological Inquiry into the Mechanics of Arabic Argumentation and Why it Often Inhibits Studens from Being Effective Writers in the Western Model Classroom
Zofia Reid

Kant, Enantiomorphism, and Transcendental Idealism
Randy Wojtowicz

Decommercialization and Anti-Elitism: Early Years of Wikipedia 2001-2002
Shing-Ching Jonathan Yam

Social Engagement in Practice: Graphic Design Service-Learning and Its Impact on Gainful Employment
Diane Zatz

User-Centered Design of Augmented Reality Interior Design Service
Sanni Siltanen, Virpi Oksman and Mari Ainasoja

Reassessing Traditional Arts in the Modern Education System: The Example of Turkish Tile Art
Kazım Küçükköroğlu

Romanian Farmers’ Perceptions on the Direct Support Scheme Implemented Under the Common Agriculture Policy
Florentina Constantin

Nigeria and the Cultures of Respect: Cultural Identity and Meaning Construction in Online International and Multicultural Classroom
Annamaria Szilagyi

Broadcasting Policies, Media Landscape and Cultural Identity: A (Re)Construction?
Joanne Muscat

Space, Body and Identity in Postmodern Francophone Literature
Alina Tenescu

An Autonomy-Based Model for Obstacle Avoidance in Robotics
Leslie R. Adrian

Forecasting Land Use: An Application of Four Models
Daniel Ngugi, Kodwo Annan, Jeff Mullen and John Bergstrom